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Nadia Palesa over Scala

Nadia Palesa about Scala lingerie

"I usually wear leggings under my jeans, especially in winter. Scala's leggings are super brilliant because of the crystals that have a positive effect on your figure. It means you're warm AND you're working on keeping your body in shape - without any effort! Clever!"

Lots of love, Nadia Palesa

Wears the BioPromise Slimming Legging

 Beertje van Beers over de Scala afslanklegging

Model and presenter Beertje van Beers about Scala undergarments

"I don't wear Scala leggings to slim down, but to stay fit when I fly - and I do that quite a lot. The leggings improve your circulation - and they don't look half bad…"

Lots of love, Beertje van Beers
Wears the BioPromise Slimming Legging

Finally I'm swimming again!

"My grandchildren used to ask me every week, 'gran, do you want to go swimming?' I just didn't dare, I felt I couldn't show my body to the outside world anymore. The worst thing was the cellulite on my legs. I'd informed about available treatments, but that was far too expensive. And then a friend told me about Scala undergarments. It was worth a try. After all, I really wanted to be able to say 'yes' to my grandchildren for once. I started wearing the undergarments in October, and now, after a few months, I can finally go swimming with my grandchildren. The cellulite on my legs and bum has mostly disappeared! My grandchildren and I are over the moon and we're spending a lot of fun hours in the water." 

Lots of love, Sandra
Wears the BioPromise High Waisted Slimming Bermuda


Berget Lewis, singer, about Scala undergarments

"I've been using the Scala shorts for 2 months now and it's super comfortable! With other sculpting shorts it seems all the elasticity is gone after 3 washes, but that's not the case with my Scala. And I've already lost 1.2 inches around my waist :)) I really mean it… I can't do without my Scala anymore!" 

Lots of love, Berget Lewis

Wears the BioPromise High Waisted Slimming Bermuda


Monique Smit, singer, about Scala undergarments

"I'm very happy with my Scala BioPromise products, especially when I’m recording. They’re comfortable, give you a wonderfully feminine silhouette and my skin feels much smoother. I wouldn't change it for the world!"

Lots of love, Monique Smit

Wears the BioPromise High Waisted Slimming BermudaBioPromise Slimming Legging  & BioPromise Hight Waisted Slimming Pants (thong)  

Sylvia Geersen, top model, about Scala undergarments:

“As a top model, I work with my body on a daily basis. Scala undergarments make it easy to get in shape quickly - and stay that way! A real gift!"

Lots of love, Sylvia Geersen
Wears the BioPromise High Waisted Slimming BermudaBioPromise Slimming Legging  & BioPromise Hight Waisted Slimming Pants (thong)


Presenter Jessica Mendels about Scala undergarments

"Maternity clothing should be comfortable, but look nice at the same time! A good start is half the battle; I'm wearing Scala's Maternity Briefs. They're seamless and made of a very soft and thin fabric. You can't tell I’m wearing them and you hardly feel them, just a lovely soft fabric that is easy to put on over my big belly."

Lots of love, Jessica Mendels
Wears the Shapewear Maternity Briefs


Actress and presenter Gaby Blaaser about Scala undergarments

"I received the Scala leggings a few days ago, and I'm very happy with them. I should thank Graziella Ferraro again, she was the one who told me about them. She said, Gaby, this will firm up your legs and reduce your cellulite. And that's what all women want! I mainly wear them during my workouts, about 3 times a week. A really huge thanks, I'm really happy with them!" 

Xx Gaby Blaaser

Wears the BioPromise Slimming Legging

Miss Overijssel over Scala

"Scala is THE invention of the past decade. At first I was very sceptical and thought, yeah right, is this going to work? But, I measured the size of my legs, stomach etc… to see if I would get any results. I started to wear the shorts religiously… And the great thing is that they really sculpt your figure. So that was the first plus. I wore them for about 8 to 12 hours during the day. You don't even notice that you're wearing them! And the result - incredible!! You can tell the difference after a month, but after 2! I lost 1.6 inches on my legs and went down 2 dress sizes! Plus, everything has become super toned. Friends and family really see the results - they're amazed. Many are now wearing Scala products as well. So how about you?"

Lots of love, Petra - Miss Overijssel

Wears the BioPromise High Waisted Slimming BermudaBioPromise Slimming Legging


Kim Kötter about Scala Europe

"Even Beauty Queens can suffer from cellulite and love handles, so fitness regimes are given a boost in the weeks before the pageants. The Scala bermuda is a gift from heaven - it really speeds up the process. The bermuda doesn't just sculpt your body, it also contains special biocrystals that make you lose inches in 30 days! I usually don't believe these kinds of stories, but this really works!"

X Kim

Wears the BioPromise High Waisted Slimming BermudaBioPromise Slimming Legging  and various SportsLine articles


Presenter and model Charlotte Labee about Scala undergarments

"Scala products are amazing! Such a great invention. With my busy schedule as a presenter and model, these innovative products are brilliant. And they really work!!"

X Charlotte Labee
Wears the BioPromise Slimming Legging

Presenter, actress and singer Fabienne de Vries about Scala undergarments

"The legs in the picture behind me are Jerry Hall's… but I want them too! So I am very happy with my BioPromise Slimming Leggings! ;-) "

X Fabienne de Vries
Wears the BioPromise Slimming Legging  

Stylist and model Jamie Faber about Scala undergarments

"Clothing is extremely important to me, and so is what I wear underneath. A beautiful dress with your underwear showing can ruin an entire outfit. And when you're pregnant, almost nothing fits right, even though it's a time when you're most looking for comfort. Scala's Maternity Briefs feel like a second skin! Seamless, thin, soft, and it can be worn under any outfit." 

Lots of love, Jamie

Wears the Scala Shapewear Maternity Briefs

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