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Terms and Conditions

1. Applicability

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all Scala Europe's offers and all contracts with Scala Europe. 

1.2 Additional Terms and Conditions may apply to certain services and/or products, if explicitly stated. 

1.3 Variation from these Terms and Conditions must be agreed to in writing. In such event, the remaining provisions of the General Conditions remain valid. 

1.4 The terms and conditions of the Customer shall not apply, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing by Scala Europe. 
1.5 is principally aimed at the Dutch and Belgian markets. 

1.6 The term "Customer" refers to any visitor of the website and any natural or legal person who has entered or will enter into contracts / purchase of any kind with Scala Europe. 

1.7 Scala Europe reserves the right to modify or supplement these Terms and Conditions from time to time. 

1.8 By using the Scala Europe site and/or placing an order, customer accepts these General Terms and Conditions and any other rights and obligations as mentioned on the site. 

1.9 Scala Europe is allowed to use the services of third parties to enable and/or effectuate an agreement with the Customer. 

2. Offers and agreements

2.1 Offers or quotations will be regarded as an invitation to potential Customers to make a purchase. Scala Europe is in no way bound to these offers or quatations, unless clearly defined in writing. If the potential Customer wishes to effectuate an offer, an agreement is established only when the other provisions of this article are met. 

2.2 Offers are valid while supplies last. 

2.3 An offer to the customer as specified in Article 2.1 is deemed to have been made on one of the following conditions: the potential customer has specified exactly what product and / or service he wants to receive; the customer has entered data on the appropriate input screen of the website and that data ("order form") have been sent electronically to Scala Europe and received by Scala Europe. 

2.4 A contract is established when an e-mail confirmation is sent to the Customer to the email address specified by the Customer. 
2.5 The customer and Scala Europe expressly agree that electronic communication may be used to constitute a valid contract, once the conditions in Article 2.4 and 2.5 are met. Specifically, the lack of an ordinary signature does not affect the commitment of the offer and the acceptance thereof. The electronic files of Scala Europe constitute, as far as the law allows, a presumption of evidence. 

2.6 Information, images, verbal expressions or agreements by phone or email in addition to quotations etcetera relating to all offers and principle product features will be reproduced and or met as accurately as possible. However, Scala Europe does not guarantee that all offers and products fully correspond with the information etc provided. In principle, product variations do not constitute grounds for compensation and/or termination. 

3. Prices

3.1 All prices are in Euros, in line with the legal regulations, and include VAT. 

3.2 Special offers are valid only for the duration specified in the offer. This date is stated in a brochure or on the website and applies to that particular offer. 

3.3 The Customer must pay the amount specified in the confirmation sent to Customer by Scala Europe in accordance with Article 2.5 of the General Terms and Conditions. Any evident (clerical) errors in price, such as blatant inaccuracies, can be corrected by Scala Europe even after the agreement has been established. 

3.4 Shipping costs are not included in the price. These costs are specified on the website. Certain payment methods are subject to additional conditions with regard to delivery and (additional) costs. This will be clearly communicated to the Customer.

4. Payment

4.1 Orders via our website can be paid in the following ways: • Credit card (VISA, Master/Eurocard) • Paypal • iDEAL • Cash when collecting at store • In advance by bank. Scala Europe may offer additional payment options in the future. Additional payment options will be communicated via the Scala Europe website. 

4.2 If a term of payment is agreed to by Scala Europe, the Customer will be in default upon the expiry of the agreed term of payment. Payment terms can only be agreed to in writing and under certain conditions to be set and agreed at that time. 

4.3 In the event of credit card, the conditions of the relevant card issuer apply. Scala Europe is no party to the relationship between the Customer and the card issuer.

4.4 In case of non-payment or late payment by Customer, a notification of default will be issued. 

4.5 All court or extra-judicial costs of any nature incurred by Scala Europe due to the failure of the customer to fulfil his (payment) obligations, are borne by the customer. 

4.6 In the event of late payment, Scala Europe is authorised to cancel the agreement with immediate effect or to cease (further) delivery until the Customer has fulfilled his (financial) commitments in full, including the payment of any costs incurred. 

5. Delivery and delivery time

5.1 Orders are delivered as quickly as possible. In principle, Scala Europe strives to deliver the order within 3 working days to the appopriate address. Given delivery times are indicativeand never constitutes a deadline. Scala Europe may provide additional information regarding delivery times on its webiste or via its outlets or in any other written way. Such information is indicative only. 

5.2 If a product ordered by the Customer is temporarily out of stock, Scala Europe will give the customer an indication when the product will be available again. Delays will be made known to the Customer via email or telephone. 

5.3 Deliveries will take place at the address provided by the Customer at the time of the establishment of the contract. In the event of credit card payment, Scala Europe must comply with the conditions posed by card issuers on the place of delivery. The Customer will be notified of this in due time. 

5.4 Upon delivery at the specified delivery address, all risks related to the product is transferred to the customer.

6. Returns and cancellations

6.1 Upon receipt of the product, Customer is obliged to inspect the products or have them inspected closely. In the event that the Customer is a private erson, and the agreement was established via the website or in any other, exclusively electronic manner the Customer retains the right to cancel the agreement within fourteen (14) working days after delivery of the product, without being obligated to pay a fine or providing a reason. The Customer can return the article and will be reimbursed. Return shipping costs fall to the Customer. The Customer, in consultation with Scala Europe, may lay claim to the right of withdrawal only when the product and its packaging are returned in their original, complete, undamaged and unused state, can. 

6.2 In the event that the Customer, being a private person, has executed the right of withdrawal as specified in the previous paragraph, Scala Europe will take due care to fully reimburse the consumer within 30 days.

7. Retention of ownership

7.1 Ownership of goods, even after delivery, remains with Scala Europe until such time that Customer has paid in full all that he owes pursuant to any agreement with Scala Europe, including payment of interest and costs, previous or future deliveries and any activities that have been undertaken or are still to be undertaken with regard to the goods. 

7.2 The Customer may not tax, sell, offer for resale, vend or mark goods in any manner until ownership has been transferred to the Customer. 

8. Warranty and liability

8.1 The general warranty conditions apply to all goods supplied by Scala Europe. 

8.2 Scala Europe is never liable for damages, of any nature, to the customer or others unless intent or gross negligence on the part of Scala Europe B.V. has been established. Scala Europe is never liable for consequential or commercial damages, indirect damages and loss of profits or turnover. 

8.3 If Scala Europe, for whatever reason, is bound to compensate any damage or damages, the amount will not exceed an amount equal to the invoice value of the product or service on which the damage is inflicted. 

8.4 Despite the ongoing care and attention Scala Europe gives to the composition of its website, it is possible that information published on the website is incomplete and/or incorrect. 

8.5 The information on the website is constantly updated and/or modified. Scala Europe reserves the right to implement any changes without notification. Those changes will take effect immediately. 

8.6 The Customer is obliged to indemnify Scala Europe of any third-party claims against Scala Europe in connection with the effectuation of the agreement, if the law does not preclude the relevant damages and Customer is liable for costs. 

8.7 Scala Europe may place links to other websites on its website which are potentially interesting or informative for visitors. Such links are purely informative. Scala Europe is not responsible for the content of any external website or how it may be used. 

9. Force Majeure

9.1 In the event of force majeure, Scala Europe is not required to fulfil its obligations towards the customer, or the obligation is suspended for the duration of the circumstances. 

9.2 Force majeure is defined as any circumstance beyond the control of Scala Europe, that prevents complete or partially fulfilment of Scala Europe’s obligations to the customer. Those circumstances include but are not limited to strikes, fires, operational disturbances, power failures, non or late delivery by suppliers or other third parties and the inability to obtain government authorization. Furthermore, the term force majeure includes failures in (telecommunication) networks or connections or communications systems used and / or the unavailability of the website at any time. 

10. Intellectual Property 

10.1 The customer expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights of the information, communications or other statements concerning the products and / or the website belong to Scala Europe, its suppliers or other rightful claimants. 

10.2 Intellectual Property Rights is defined as patent, copyright, trademark, designs and design rights and / or other (intellectual property) rights, including sui generis rights to databases and topography of semiconductor products, or other products, and technical and / or commercial know-how, methods and concepts (whether patentable or unpatentable). 

10.3 It is strictly forbidden for the Customer to use (and this includes modifications to) the intellectual property rights as stipulated in this article, including reproduction, without the express prior written consent of Scala Europe, its suppliers or other rightful claimants, unless it is solely for personal, non-commercial use in relation to the product itself. 

11. Personal Data 

11.1 Scala Europe will only process Customer data of the customer in accordance with its privacy policy. The website contains a Privacy Statement. 

11.2 Scala Europe conforms to the applicable privacy regulations and legislation. 

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction 

12.1 All offers and agreements are exclusively subject to Dutch law. 12.2 All disputes related to or arising from Scala Europe offers or agreements with Scala Europe will be submitted to the authorized court in Almelo, unless the law explicitly stipulates a different authorized Court.. 

13. Miscellaneous

13.1 Scala Europe B.V. is based in Enschede (7532 SN), Euregioweg 366 and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 06092217. The VAT identification number is NL 808205249.B.01. Kindly send all correspondence regarding an agreement or these Terms and Conditions to Scala Europe, Postbus 6013, 7503 GA in Enschede or to the email address on the website. 

13.2 Our Customer Service Team ((+31)(0)53-4619985) can be reached from 8.30am until 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Or contact them via email: 

13.3 You will receive a reply to emails within two working days from our internet customer service. Scala Europe puts forth its best efforts to communicate honestly with its customers. Unfortunately we cannot always prevent third parties from abusing our name. Scala Europe will never contact her customers via email, MSN or websites for a customer survey on lingerie use and/or for the recruitment of models. We will never contact you to ask you to become a Scala Europe model, and we advise you not to respond to such requests if you receive them.

Privacy Statement This is the Scala Europe B.V. website 

Our visitor address is:

Euregioweg 366

7532 SN Enschede 

Our postal address is:

Postbus 6013

7503 GA Enschede 

Our Dutch Chamer of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) number is: 06092217
Our VAT (BTW) number is: NL808205249.B.01 

Every time you visit our website, our server automatically recognises the IP adress.

When you visit our website we will register:

- your email address when you leave messages/queries on our website
- your email address when you send it to us
- the domain name of other sites you visit in order to get to our site
- the information regarding the pages you visited on our site

This information is used to:
- improve the content of our website

- register the number of visits to our website.

The information is for internal use only and will not be passed on to other organisations for commercial purposes.
We use cookies on this site to improve the site content and to enable us to register the number of visits to our site. A cookie is a small file that is sent by an Internet server and put on your computer's hard drive. This file contains traces of the site you visited and data relating to that visit.
We do not have partnerships or special relationships with third parties on the Internet.
If we transfer or receive your data on our site, we always use coding technologies that are recognised as being of the prevailing standard for the IT sector.

We have implemented the necessary security measures to prevent loss, improper use of or changes to the information we receive on our site.
How to contact us regarding our privacy policy.
If you wish to respond to our privacy policy, please contact us by sending an email to

About communication by email

If you do not wish to receive emails from Scala Europe in future, please contact us at the above address.

About communication by letter.
If you provide your postal address via the web, you will only receive information requested by you, at the address you have provided.

About communication by telephone

If you provide your telephone number via the web, we will only contact you by telephone regarding orders you have placed online.

Our company may use consumer information for new purposes not yet included in our « Privacy Policy ». In that event, we will contact you prior to using your details for these new purposes, to inform you of the changes to our privacy policy, and to give you an opportunity to refuse to take part.
If so requested, we grant visitors to our site access to the data we have collected about them. If you would like access to this information, please contact us at the above address. 

 If so requested, we grant visitors to our site the opportunity to update any incorrect data we have on file, if any. If you would like to correct or change your personal details please contact us at the above address.
If you would like to access this information, please contact us at the above address.

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