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Skin improvements in problem areas

For years, the stomach, thighs and buttocks have been so-called problem areas for women. No less than 80% of all women have cellulite ,even those who are slim. Creams and skin improvement treatments are often expensive and don't guarantee results. Scala offers undergarments that offer scientifically proven results.

How our products work

The BioPromise, BioFir and SportsLine ranges all use the exclusive ceramic crystals technology. When wearing these undergarments, arterial skin blood flow is improved and toxins are removed from cells. The result: smoother and more polished skin. Our seamless undergarments not only improve your skin, but are very comfortable, too.

Effortless skin improvement

You can see our product range in the web shop. If you want to improve the skin on your thighs, buttocks and stomach in a simple way, you should give Scala products a try. Find out more about  ceramic crystals

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