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Corrective Anti Cellulite Underwear

Everyone will be familiar with corrective underwear used to reshape one's figure. As soon as you remove the garment your figure returns to its former shape. The Scala Anti Cellulite & Shapewear undergarments are very different. The slimming effect of our corrective undergarments has been proven, both during and after wear.

You can lose a few centimetres

Biocrystals in the fabric of our corrective undergarment continually massage the skin when worn. It speeds up the elimination of toxins and stimulates cell metabolism. The result is a smooth, toned skin with visibly less cellulite. A study carried out among an independent test group showed that, after wearing these corrective undergarments, the tummy, rear and legs had lost several inches. The skin was also noticeably more toned. 

View and order corrective underwear online

Would you like to become as convinced as we are about the working of our corrective undergarments? Choose your desired underwear from the webshop  and order simply and safely online. Learn how these unique biocrystals  reduce the effect of cellulite .

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