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Improved circulation prevents injuries

Recovering from exercise can sometimes take a while. And wouldn't it be wonderful to recover from injuries as soon as possible (although it is obviously best to prevent injuries altogether)? Blood flow to the muscles, the supply of oxygen and the excretion of toxins like lactic acid all play a part in this. Scala has the solution. Prevent injuries and promote blood flow with the 

Prevention of injuries and recovery after excercise

Scala's SportsLine consists of sports clothing and undergarments that help prevent injuries. The biocrystals in the fabric constantly massage your skin and let infrared rays penetrate the skin. The infrared rays improve circulation and help with the discharge of toxins such as lactic acid. The result: you will feel less tired and recover more quickly after exercise. Because your legs are receive oxygen they can endure more physical exertion whilst injuries are prevented. 

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Wear Scala sports clothing for a quick recovery after excercise and to prevent future injuries. All our products can be found on our website. Simply and safely order items from our  web shop .

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