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Unique Anti Cellulite & Shapewear

There is plenty of figure sculpting underwear on the market, but unfortunately, their effect is often only temporary. Scala has the solution for women who want more than a temporary improvement of their figure by means of shapewear or a reducer. Our revolutionary shapewear production technology helps reducers in the BioPromise or BioFir range to fight your  cellulite

This is how our undergarments work

Our products are unique due to the way they are manufactured. Active biocrystals are built into our yarn's DNA. These crystals transform your body heat into far infrared rays and improve circulation in your skin cells. By wearing our shapewear or reducers, you can lose excess fat and cellulite. Wearing a BioPromise or BioFir reducer for 30 days can actually help you lose inches.

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All our products can be seen in the  web shop , please click on the product of your choice for more information. If you want a lasting slimmer figure, you should definitely try one of the reducers in our shapewear collection. The results will amaze you. 

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