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Improve your circulation

Poor circulation can cause muscle fatigue and result in storage of fluids and toxins in the skin. Improving your circulation can prevent this. Improve your circulation by wearing Scala's revolutionary undergarments.

Our BioPromise and BioFir products

For the production of our undergarments we use a special kind of yarn with integrated biocrystals that constantly massage the skin's upper layers. The crystals transform body heat into far infrared rays that penetrate deep into your skin. This improves circulation, meaning toxins are removed from skin cells more quickly. The result? A healthy body and visibly smoother skin. 

Take a look at our products

We created our special SportsLine for people who love to exercise. SportsLine prevents muscle fatigue caused by lactic acid so you can enhance your physical performance.  Scientific Research  has proven that the biocrystals in the fabric help improve blood flow. Our products are also very comfortable to wear. Take a look at our products in the web shop  and order online. Improve your circulation with Scala's undergarments.

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Comfortable Corrective Undergarments
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Anti Cellulite Undergarments
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