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Counteracting cellulite

Have you had enough of applying endless creams? Tired of expensive anti-cellulite treatments? Look no further, you have come to the right place. Scala's exclusive undergarments are the solution. They don't just give you an instantly slimmer figure, but it has been (scientiffically) proven that they help reduce cellulite.

Getting rid of cellulite with BioPromise and BioFir

The BioPromise and BioFir ranges use a unique production technology, which builds bioactive crystals into the yarn's DNA. The crystals massage your skin, improving cell metabolism. Without accumulated toxins, cells can absorb more oxygen and remove fat that causes cellulite. You will be fighting cellulite simply by wearing our products! Furthermore, the results are  scientiffically proven.

Seamless and comfortable undergarments

In addition to their cellulite reducing capacities, we have made sure our items are comfortable: all our products are seamless and made of stretch fabric. The weaving technique used for our BioPromise range instantly lends you a slimmer appearance, making the products effective in both the short and long term. Take a look at all our available products in our web shop and read more about the cellulite reducing properties of these items. 

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