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How do the active biocrystals in the BioFir and BioPromise range work?

  1. Unique microbifres

    Unique microfibres
The unique microfibres used in all BioPromise & BioFir products contain active biocrystals that absorb body heat on contact with the skin. This body heat is converted to far infrared rays ("Fir").
The light of the sun is composed of various wavelengths, which together constitute daylight. Infrared wavelengths are not visible. Far infrared rays (FIR) cannot be seen by the naked eye, but they produce the heat we feel when the sun shines.

Infrared rays are classified in wavelenghts and are subdivided into categories: near rays, mid rays and far rays. Far infrared rays measure in the 4 to 14 micron range: this wavelength is solely responsible for the growth of all life in nature. The first space suit for astronauts was covered in bioceramics to compensate for the lack of sunlight in the space shuttle. This technology is now available to you! It has been proven that far infrared rays, produced by specific biocrystals, penetrate the skin to reach deeper lying cell tissue and improve the exchange between cells.
  2. Far infrared rays

    These far infrared rays promote cell metabolism by releasing autologous nitric oxide (neurotransmitter). Nitric oxide (NO) is produced by the body, the effect of which is most clearly seen in a widening of the arteries. More blood in the right places means the body will function better. Improved circulation boosts lymphatic drainage of toxins, thereby reducing swelling and body size.
  3. Improved circulation

    Improved circulation and oxygen absorption at skin level causes cellulite to melt and liquefy. The skin will feel smoother.
  4. Excretion of cell fluid

    Excess fluids in the body are excreted via the liver and kidneys.

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